Our company

A PhD in pharmacy, a graduate of ESC Montpellier and the founder of Maege, Nicolas Rivière has, through his experience, developed an expertise in:
• The anti-ageing dermatology sector;
• Innovative products that meet market demand;
• The development of upmarket products based on scientific research. He has been responsible for dermatological creations in the eld of hyaluronic acid based injections and for the development and marketing of a lling product used in medical procedures.
These innovations are covered by three international patents in the eld of cosmetic medicine.
Nicolas Rivière supports innovation through the “RPM Invest” investment fund set up in 2008 to nance innovative start-ups in the elds of health, biotechnology and chemistry. Nicolas Rivière is a scientific expert accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Our origins

The major discovery of a powerful molecule : SDKP While studying the regenerative powers of the SDKP peptide (CNRS patent), researchers highlighted the properties and performance of this molecule, which is found naturally in all living cells. Nicolas Rivière immediately saw it as the basis for an anti-ageing product with a unique action to offer unprecedented performance:
Now covered by an exclusive worldwide brand licence, the SDKP molecule is a peptide (short protein) endogenous to all living organisms. Well known in the scientific world, its actions include repairing damaged cardiac bres and healing damaged and burned tissues. Advanced tests have shown that an additional small quantity of the SDKP molecule is enough to revive the skin’s natural regeneration mechanism.
In addition to its ability to repair damaged skin, SDKP also has the power (and this is the new discovery) to stimulate all the regulation and renewal mechanisms of a healthy skin.
The Maege concept was born

The program

It is also the only brand to offer the two in dissociable functions of an effective anti-ageing product:
- In the short term – in 14 days– the skin’s vitality and dynamism are restored to make the skin denser, more moisturised, smoother and more radiant ...
- Regular use then stabilises and reinforces this level of vitality: after 28 days, the symptoms of ageing are lastingly prevented and slowed, at any age..
Two phases that are the key to the SDKP Exclusive Program.