Konjac Sponge

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100% natural and organic, our Konjac sponge, specially designed with silk extracts for their anti-aging properties, ideally prepares the skin for Maege's treatments. This precious and effective cleansing offers a real sensory experience, allowing a microexfoliation and stimulating the microcirculation. The anti-aging silk extracts illuminate the complexion, the radiance of the skin and reduce the depth of fine lines. The cleansed and smoothed skin will optimize the penetration of active ingredients and will perfectly accommodate Maege treatments for a maximum efficiency.


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super efficace!!

j'ai acheté l'éponge pour nettoyer ma peau avant les soins Maege et je me rends compte que les résultats sont encore plus impressionnants, surtout au niveau de ma ride du lion qui était avant beaucoup plus prononcée!! Merci Maege pour ce nouveau produit tip top!!!

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