“Test Maege's butterfly effect”

A drop of SDKP for a cascade of rejuvenating effects

Our innovative and high-tech anti-aging range

The High Concentration Anti-Aging Serum

Ultra-Powerful SDKP

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It has the highest concentration of these assets: real high-tech care, with total respect for the skin, the Maege Serum gives you smooth, fortified, visibly younger and more refined skin.
Vol. : airless 30ml

Price: 89 €

The Contour Anti-Aging Eye Serum

Ultra-effective for a youthful look

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Formulated for the very fine, delicate skin around the eye. Combining powerful anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness agents, it is based on cellular targeting, encapsulating the SDKP peptide to go directly to the source of wrinkle formation, in the deepest layers of the skin. The area around the eye quickly becomes smooth, for a refreshed look.
Vol. : airless 15ml

Price: 63 €

The Multi-Correction Anti-Aging Cream

Ultra-sensitive for delicate skin

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It acts from within the skin up to its surface to restructure, stimulate and hydrate the epidermis. The skin is revitalised, thanks to specific ingredients, and this rich, silky cream provides immediate softness and comfort.
Normal to combination skin
Vol. : pot 50ml

Price: 69 €

The Multi-Correcting Cream Supreme

Maximum comfort for the most demanding skin

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A unique creation that concentrates the heart of its formula, SDKP / Neogoutte Target TM technology and a natural treasure, Black Rose Oil, from which Maege has extracted the quintessence. Endowed with an exquisite texture, fascinating and uncommon, this cream moisturizes skin with nutritious elements and instantly revives skin. Its global action on all signs of aging makes it the ideal daily ally in fight against the passage of time.
Dry to very dry skin
Vol. : Pot 50ml

Price: 79 €

Optimize your Maege ritual with our silk sponge

Konjac Sponge with silk extracts

Ultra Care Preparation

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100% natural and organic, our Konjac sponge, specially designed with silk extracts for their anti-aging properties, ideally prepares the skin for Maege's treatments.
This precious and effective cleansing offers a real sensory experience, allowing a microexfoliation and stimulating the microcirculation.
The anti-aging silk extracts illuminate the complexion, the radiance of the skin and reduce the depth of fine lines.
The cleansed and smoothed skin will optimize the penetration of active ingredients and will perfectly accommodate Maege treatments for a maximum efficiency.

Price: 12 €

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The major discovery of a natural butterfly-effect molecule.


Awaken, strengthen, prevent.


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